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Why you should be using node.js?

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Why you should be using node.js?

Why you should be using node.js or why you should switch to node.js?

Let me show you some of the main points that why node.js is trending in modern web development era.

It is JavaScript on Backend

Even when you say that PHP is ruling a web world, remember every website needs JavaScript. May be PHP is covering almost 70% of the web but JavaScript is sure covering more than it. Despite comparision, JavaScript is also a very necesarry part of a web world.

Because of its necessity, there are huge a number of community knowing javascript atleast basics. It was only a frontend thing untill nodejs came. Node.js oppened up a vast amount of opportunities to the web world and also to IT Industry. Data Science, Machine Learning, IoT, Bockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Real Time Systems, Fullstack Web Development. Node.js can be used in almost all area of IT Industry.


Supported By Tech Giants

Node.js is well supported by major tech giants. Google backed angular, Facebook created React. Amazon Lambda supports Node.js. Microsoft's most famous developers favourite VSCODE is built on nodejs framework electron.


Community Support

Node.js community is a very big support that node.js have. All thanks to modern technologies on frontend like Angular, React, Vue, Svelte etc. There are thousands of JavaScript libraries to choose from and most of them are open source. All thanks to NPM community.


Easy for starters

Node.js is very easy even for beginners. It is easy to setup and running your servers in no time. It does not require a specific apache or nginx server to be used.


Cost Saving

Less development cost. You can have your full stack app built by a single developer. MEAN, MERN and VENM stacks are currenlty in very high demand. There are many developers available who can develop your backend for you, manage your database and also develop you frontend too. All with same language from front to back. No need to spend money on multiple developers.


Asynchronous and Perfomance

Node.js can handle almost double requests per minute than PHP or Python. Real Time web apps the main thing where node.js shines. Handles heavy load on real time connections smoothly than PHP or Python. Far better scalable than PHP or Python.


Security and Stability

Node.js is always under active development. They also release LTS (Long Term Supported) version every two year. It has mature enough web framework like express. Express project is under Linux Foundation so it is under best in class development community.